About The Blog

In this blog I will talk about various areas in psychology, such as but not limited to neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, etc. as well as other disciplines such as biology, sociology, archaeology, etc. and how they are connected to different areas in one’s life.  I will, among other things, describe some of the most recent article publications in various scientific journals and make interpretations about the findings from different perspectives, which are not always shed much light on in journals based on numerous reasons.  I will also talk about various everyday topics and try to relate scientific findings to them when and where I can.

One perspective that will be prominent in the interpretations will be built upon the fact that the human species, homo sapiens, have been around for at least 150,000 years.  It is all too often that most mainstream publications and other sources want to give people the understanding of things in the perspective of the last 10,000 years.  This is very problematic to me, as well as others, because it gives rise to an unrealistic understanding of humans and their place in the world.  When a person learns about useful information that is gathered from science, one should not be mistaken that, this person will interpret the information in the time perspective that they have been taught.  The effects from this are quite serious and wide spread. The interpretation that one derives from this world perspective, if you will, is very limiting because all one can fathom is the way we have lived since we began living in civilizations roughly 10,000 years ago but this is simply only a small fraction of our existence.  I want to show that knowledge and benefits can still be gained from looking at our humble beginnings as humans and we are not so different from our early ancestors, contrary to what many people would like to believe.

I will additionally talk about scientific findings with the perspective of what works for people in a positive way in their life as well as the perspective of how we can take psychological findings and relate them to living more sustainably and more in line with how we have for most of our existence (although some things are obviously not feasible).  I also want to apply these connections between psychological findings as well as other disciplines in a way that attempts to bridge our understanding between different areas in hopes of creating a more complete picture of ourselves and the world around us.  I believe that people would benefit by trying to participate in more ways with other living organisms on a daily basis.

This blog will try to provide evidence that we benefit from living more in balance with the world, cooperating with other animals, remembering some foundational social relations that help us feel happy and thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically.  We don’t need to constantly “reinvent the wheel” every day with how technology can replace something that can be done naturally.  All we need to do is look to how nature works by itself and find a way to work with it in harmony.  I want to help facilitate this exchange for myself and others.  Come join me if you’d like.